Industry Related Memberships

Safe & Sound Home Inspection's Team holds memberships/certifications with the following to better serve you in the home buying/owning process. Safe & Sound Home Inspections challenges any company in the area to match our credentials, our thorough & detailed home inspections/reports, passion to educate/inform clients about the house they want to call home, and outstanding customer service. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar we are the best home inspection company in the area. Our business is registered with the great states of Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Delaware, and the City of Philadelphia.

Is your new Home Safe & Sound?

We can help you determine that!

If seeing is believing, than see below:

  1. American Society of Home Inspectors-ASHI
  2. International Code Council-ICC
  3. National Fire Protection Association - NFPA
  4. Certified Disaster Housing Inspector-FEMA
  5. NJ Pest Management Association-NJPMA
  6. Certified Wood Destroying and Radon Technicians
  7. Environmental Solutions Association- ESA
  8. International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Safe & Sound Home Inspection's Team is here for the long haul and we want to inspect/consult with you on your very first home to your very last home. Our team of qualified and experienced home inspectors have inspected houses for three generations of families along with prominent sports figures, newscasters and other public figures. Most importantly we would like to inspect YOUR new home.

Please call toll free 866-485-1991 to secure your placement on the schedule today!

*Please Note: Safe & Sound Home Inspections does not perform fire safety, code compliance, or mold inspections during the course of a home inspection but utilize these memberships to enhance the home inspector’s knowledge about the systems and components that make up a house.